We strive to make your Lion Tea shop shopping as easy as possible and deliver as fast as possible! That is why we need the most accurate information we can ask of you.

When do we receive personal information?

When you order an item in the Lion’s Tea Online Shop, when you ask questions about the products, how to order them and how they are delivered. Also when you comment on our announcements.

For what purpose do we use personal information?

All information about you is used for:

  • To give you information about your orders (to inform you where and when you will receive your order);
  • To deliver your order to the correct address;
  • Answers to inquiries or other questions;

What personal data is collected?

All data needed for ordering and marketing:

  • Order information;
  • Contact information (email, phone).

How is personal information stored?

All personal information is received and stored in a secure manner (Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certified) and used confidentially. We will not share your personal information with third parties (except as permitted under the terms of the “National Law”). You can always contact us to find out what information we use, store, delete or change.

How long is the data stored?

Unless otherwise stated, we will protect your data:

  • Login session information is stored for 30 days after it closes.
  • All other personal data covered by this Privacy Policy – until your account is deleted or you deny us access to this data.

Will the data be passed on to third parties?

“Lauvas tēja” Ltd. has a legal obligation to provide data, if necessary, to the state or supervisory authorities to prevent public risk and prosecute crimes.

Your data may be transferred to third parties if this is necessary for the provision of our services or functions (for example, your address is sent to a courier for delivery). We warrant that these parties undertake to process this data responsibly and in accordance with applicable law.

In order to execute the payments, the personal data you require will be transferred to the authorized processor JSC Maksekeskus.

What cookies will be used?

The cookies used on our site are necessary for the functionality and operation of our site. These cookies allow you to make a successful purchase or use an electronic payment system. Most of these cookies are deleted from your device at the end of a browser session. We use the information stored in the cookies we require only to provide the services and features we require. When you first visit our site, we ask for your consent to send additional cookies to your device. 

These cookies may be rejected, but they help us:

  • Determine how many visitors visit our site, what their behavior is, and which pages on their site they visit. This helps us improve the performance of our site and make it more user-friendly.
  • Determine when you re-visit our site.

We reserve the right to supplement or completely change the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy! We will notify you in advance of this in our online store.

For data details or other changes, you can contact us.